Learn to Read Music and Play Piano Easily

With Music Logic piano lessons for adults and beginners you will be reading music and be able to play piano beautifully in no time at all. 

All ages can learn to play and read music fast, in person or via an online video based course.

Music Logic piano lessons are also great for more experienced students, as you can potentially then become a Music Logic Piano Teacher.

We don’t believe the old adage that practice makes perfect; we only ask our students to do 5 minutes improvement every day.

In a remarkably short time you will be reading, playing, understanding and composing music using standard notation.

Your first piano lesson is free, click on the link to see how to read music using sight reading, and have the best piano lessons online. 

Contact us to find a teacher near you or to learn remotely.  

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Benefits of Music Logic® Lessons

Typically students learn up to ten times more quickly. i.e. students are reading and playing complex music in a shorter time frame. As well, students understand how the language of music works and as a result are able to compose structured music, typically in their first year of lessons.

Students enjoy their lessons and quickly develop a varied repertoire of performance pieces that they enjoy performing at concerts for fellow students, family and friends.

Students who choose to sit for music exams obtain excellent results proportional to their preparation time.

Statement of belief

At Music Logic®, we believe that:

  • 1. Everybody is inherently musical. Music making and music lessons should be fun and rewarding.
  • 2. At least in the first 12 months of lessons there should be much exposure to many styles of music. e.g. Classic – Jazz – Pop.
  • 3. Where appropriate students should be encouraged to prepare for and sit for exams.
  • 4. Music Logic® lessons work well for all age groups – children – teenagers – adults – seniors.

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