Welcome to Music Logic®

Music Logic® is a group of dedicated teachers obtaining extraordinary

results with children and adult students.

These teachers are trained to effectively deliver the Music Logic® teaching

Music Logic® is a series of simple steps, distinctions and strategies.
Students in a remarkably short time are reading, playing, understanding and
composing music, and always using standard notation.

How it works

Students are taught to mentally process the notation of music in a much more
efficient way. This works fabulously well with total beginners and also
works very well for those who have had conventional music lessons.

Students are able to read and play this example of music
inside 10 lessons.


Statement of belief

At Music Logic, we believe that:

1  Everybody is inherently musical. Music making and music lessons should be fun and rewarding.

2  At least in the first 12 months of lessons there should be much exposure to many styles of music. e.g. Classic – Jazz – Pop.

3  Where appropriate students should be encouraged to prepare for and
sit for exams.
4  Music Logic lessons work well for all age groups – children –
teenagers – adults – seniors.


To find out latest times, prices and schedules for any
Music Logic Program contact John Barton:
email – info@musiclogic.com.au OR phone 0425 778 051