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We have great news – Music Logic is relaunching it’s music programs with an emphasis on remote teaching, learning and video tutorials. 

Join us for the next exciting chapter of Music Logic, the music teaching system that is 10 x faster and 10 x easier than traditional teaching methods!

It’s well known that people learning music perform better in all areas of life. Learning it more quickly and easily can only be a greater benefit. And you don’t have to be super smart to learn music; it’s all quite logical. We’ve revolutionised how music can be taught and learned. 

What’s the difference? 

This disruptive teaching method also outperforms traditional methods of teaching. Like surgeons starting to wash their hands to stop the spread of germs, Music Logic is a groundbreaking paradigm shift in teaching. Did you know the 150 year old method of teaching F-A-C-E and Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit actually only applies to a sixth of what is needed to play and read music? We introduce instead ‘The Five Cs’, a simpler, more logical breakdown of the mathematical beauty that music is.

Have you sat through awkward school concerts with children ‘playing’ a tune that might be music? Have you or your children started learning piano or any instrument and given up due to the slog and lack of a feeling of achievement?. 

Music Logic lessons start off well and get better, with great progress and immediate results. We only request 5 minutes a day improvement, not hours of practice that often just result in boredom and repetitive mistakes!

Due to the Covid lockdowns experienced here in Australia and Globally, Music Logic has redefined it’s delivery of music programs with an emphasis on remote teaching, learning and video tutorials. 

We invite you to try us out and have a look at the free lessons we’ve posted on our website.

Follow the link below to enrol in the class that suits you best; we have in person individual, groups and workshops, live video conferences or online lessons with prerecorded video tutorials, for both teachers and students.   https://musiclogic.com.au/

It’s Radically Different, Radically Better and Radically Easier!

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