Piano Lessons Get Social!

Hey there, letting you know that Music Logic Piano Lessons just got Social…we’ve launched a YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Instagram account and joined LinkedIn so we can spread the word of how amazing these lessons are!

In a very short time you can be reading music, playing piano and even making up your own tunes. John Barton’s extraordinary teaching method is easy, enjoyable and effective.

Check it out by clicking the links at the bottom of our website to watch more videos on YouTube, and Like and Share our Pages on your Socials of choice; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Register for Music Logic Lessons online and you can join our Private Facebook Group of Teachers and Students that will share information and ask and answer questions, have video calls and perform concerts online!

Be one of the first to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you could save 50% on your first module of lessons!

We’re working hard to bring you interesting content and bring everyone in on the Music Revolution…

It’s Radically Different, Radically Better and Radically Easier!

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