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Learning Music Should Be Fun!

I feel sad when I think about the thousands of well-intentioned parents who send their innocent children to piano lessons which will often end up as a lonely journey down a dark corridor to failure.

Please understand that neither the parent or the child is at fault.

Most times they don’t realise they need 3 things to be in place for success;

1 A good teacher

2 A good home environment

3 The child has a fair brain

and considering these 3 requirements the child’s brain is the least of the problems.

A good home environment includes providing a suitable instrument – it does not have to be expensive and can be bought second hand.

A good home environment is also relaxed and fun – and believe it or not learning to play the piano can be relaxed, fun and still rewarding.

We also recommend you have a music learning buddy in your household- who could be a parent or other member of the family – and with that buddy you turn otherwise boring exercises into a game – creating friendly competition. And a cat jumping in with you is always fun too!

This brings us back to the first element – a good teacher – not only does the teacher need to be good at teaching – they need to be using a good teaching system.

I seem to fit both those qualifications – also I teach teachers – and one thing I ask all trainees is – “What is the most important outcome at the end of the first lesson that you have conducted?” After getting various answers I will say – “The most important thing is that the student wants to come back for more”.

Music Logic is Radically Different in that students enjoy their lessons and have fun in them, It’s Radically Better because achieving fast results keeps students engaged and inspired, and It’s Radically Easier because the teaching method is logical and tears apart the 100 year old out of date teaching methods that are no longer useful nor need to continue to be taught.

I look forward to sharing in your music lessons success with you as you explore and have fun with it!


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