The Founder

John Barton – the founder

Australian born John Barton has created Music Logic – an exciting revolutionary system that has students reading and understanding the
language of music much more quickly.

Whether leading workshops in Australia or overseas the progress of the participants is remarkable. There are often emotional scenes where participants with years of conventional lessons experience, see how much sweat and tears they could have saved. In a two day workshop, total beginners are reading and playing music that conventionally can take two years to achieve.

As well as coaching students into obtaining extraordinary results John also trains individuals into becoming powerful Music Logic Teachers.

Typically students learn up to ten time more quickly. i.e. students are reading and playing complex music in a shorter time frame. As well students understand how the language of music works and as a result are able to compose structured music, typically in their first year of lessons. Students enjoy their lessons and quickly develop a varied repertoire of performance pieces. Students who choose to sit for music exams obtain excellent results proportional to their preparation time.

John Barton is accepting students at the Glen Iris / Burwood Village Studio.

Short courses 
for those who live further away, where it is not practical to attend weekly lessons. Typically Short Courses are 2 hours a weeks for 4 weeks.
Topics of Short Courses include:
• Speed Reading Music
• How Rhythm Works
• How Key Signature Works
• Preparation for Music Exams
• Basic Composition – etc.

(note these short courses are suitable for all age groups both total beginners or to supplement the learning for those already having music lessons)

To find out latest times, prices and schedules for any
Music Logic Program contact John Barton:
email – OR phone 0425 778 051