Welcome to Music Logic Online

Learn to read and play music fast.

The Music Logic Online Portal provides access to the Music Logic Online Training Modules.

Each Module comprises 10 lessons.
Each lesson provides a video based learning environment complete with:
* downloadable notes
* downloadable eBooks relevant to each module
* self test questionnaires at the end of the module
* additional webinars and FAQ sessions

You may register for each module as required via this link or via the Shop page in the menu above.

Watch this before doing anything!

Don’t have a keyboard yet?

No problem. Simply download this paper keyboard, print it off and piece it together. It’s a great replacement for an 88 key keyboard while you are getting started on your Music Logic journey.  Click here to download and save

Join the Music Logic Facebook Group
(Strictly for Registered Students only)

It is highly recommended that you join the exclusive Music Logic Teachers and Students Facebook Group. NOTE: This Group is for registered students ONLY.
Here you will have access to discussion groups, regular Q&A webinars and other content to make your path through your course easier. Click here to apply for access
Only students and teachers have access to this group.

How fast can I go?

We suggest you take your time and try to do one lesson each week. This gives you time to watch the relevant videos and do the practice. Ten minutes of practice a day is ample provided it is “improvement practice”.

Moving around the Student Portal

The video below provides you a summary of moving around the site to login and access each lesson.
Please watch it before you begin.

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